The History

Just a bambino in the footwear world, HEYDUDE was spawned in to existence in the noughties with an ethos to provide comfortable, lightweight and durable footwear for all by redefining the fundamentals of footwear construction.

The principles haven't changed from the original concept of using carefully chosen materials to make quality footwear - combining a metal-free, patented EVA sole with durable material uppers has allowed Hey Dude to continue to innovate and stimulate the footwear industry. HEYDUDE's addictive comfort will keep you coming back for more - just try it for yourself.

What We're All About

Whether it’s relaxing at the weekend, post-sport recovery or smart/casual options for work, Dude's got you covered. Regardless of the style or use, Hey Dude shoes keep the principles the same. The patented EVA sole and durable, memory foam leather insole create a shoe that's made to mould to the shape of your footprint with every step because we know there's nothing better than slipping into a comfortable pair of shoes that support you throughout the day.

Even though keeping your feet happy is the centre of our universe, we understand that we have a responsiblity to look after the environment we live in. Our footwear recycling scheme helps to reduce landfill waste and offers a hefty 20% discount for taking part. A discount on a fresh pair of Dude shoes whilst helping to sustain the planet - what's not to like?

How We Do It

It's all in the details - by taking the concept of shoe design back to the basics, HEYDUDE wiped the slate clean and pioneered a design that was fundamentally about creating amazingly comfortable shoes. HEYDUDE took apart classic styles, removed the stiff, metal parts and then reconstructed them using their patented EVA sole technology and lightweight, hard-wearing materials to create the funkiest, comfiest shoes straight out of the box.

The Promise

Although we can't promise that a pair of HEYDUDE shoes will help you live longer or be more successful or unlock the secrets of eternal happiness (although our shoes are good for your sole), we can promise that our shoes will help to keep your feet happy as you stroll through the journey of life. After all, the only certainty in life is uncertainty itself so be prepared for your next adventure with a pair of amazingly comfortable shoes.