Our Journey To A Better World

The love of the great outdoors is the driving force of what HEYDUDE stands for. It’s all about being out-there and soaking up all that is great about our beautiful planet and to also truly marvel what nature has created. It is only right that we strive to protect the planet for now and future generations. Making small changes will soon form a bigger impact over time. Here at HEYDUDE we look at ways to become a more sustainable business, to eliminate excess waste that will negatively impact our planet.

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Reduction Of Plastic Dependence

We assessed our use of plastics in our full supply chain and are acting to lower our reliance on single use plastics. We are currently trailing the use of corn starch bags as a substitute for synthetic plastic bags, to convert to bio-degradable paper packaging tapes.

The main ingredient for these bags is cornflour, a carbohydrate that is extracted from the endosperm of corn - this is the juicy yellow part outside of each kernel of corn that you spread too much butter on when enjoying at your favourite garden barbecue. Under good conditions, these materials made from PLA are able to breakdown after several months, providing a unique solution to products previously made from plastic that aren’t biodegradable.



Use Of Sustainable Products

When placing an order for a pair of HEYDUDE's (or multiple pairs!) you can be rest assured that we’ve done all we can to ensure the cardboard boxes containing your shoes are made from 100% recycled paper.

We have taken extra steps to transition to sustainable recyclable cardboard for our dispatching and packaging needs. This increases the level of recycled and recyclable packaging within our supply chain, which will guide us towards our goal of a 100% circular use of packaging components as each part is able to get recycled.


Recycle & Reuse

In 2015, we committed to provide you with a source to recycle any old HEYDUDE shoes you may have. This commitment allowed our chosen partner first check to see if they are suitable for reuse or if it is not appropriate they then get sent to be recycled. Any old fabric fibres are removed and reprocessed into new fabrics, plastics are refined for reuse into new products such as new shoes, carpet underlay and many more sustainable applications. You can find out how to send your shoes back to us for recycle here.

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Within selected styles and future products, we strive to use more eco-friendly materials to produce shoes that aren’t just made in a certain way to help protect the environment but to allow you to feel good, knowing that you’re wearing a pair of shoes that have been made to help protect our planet. Collections such as the Eco-Knit range are made using PET fibres and the Natural Collection uses organic, ethically sourced raw materials to produce styles that you feel good wearing.