Back to basics

HEYDUDE wiped the slate clean and took all the classic styles you have ever loved, took them apart and ditched all the metal and hard stiff parts that can make shoes inherently hard to wear. (Yes there are metal parts in shoes..)

Then they redesign and reconstruct them using HEYDUDE's patented sole technology and innovative design combined with lightweight and hard wearing materials to produce the funkiest, comfiest shoes straight out of the box.



Not all insoles are made equal! The ethos of wearing super comfy shoes all year round the insole was at the heart of the operation. Using a thick memory foam insole base makes the fit of the shoe just for you, with the softness to recharge your feet through their daily grind. After wear your foot will simply slot in to the contours pressed in to the insoles giving you unrivaled fit and comfort. The thickness of our insoles maintain constant comfort even after the bedding in process.

The final part of the puzzle was to add a breathable leather lining to the insole allowing it to be worn barefoot without attracting bacteria that leads to odour. 


Everyone's feet are different, hell even our own feet don't match! (Go on measure them) With that in mind we are able to offer a variety of fits on different styles, offering versatility and flexibility depending on the required demands of your footwear.

Our shoes come in two different fitting volumes;

  • Wide Relaxed fit

    Which applies to our popular Farty styles as they have a larger volume of space to allow for a comfortable and relaxed fit.
  • Relaxed fit

    Which is self explanatory (the clue is in the name) and it applies to the Wallys, Thad, Mokas to name a few and is your typical fit.

Elasticated laces

Lets face it life it too short to be wasting time tying and untying laces.

Lets put it in perspective.

The average live expectancy in the UK is 81.5 years  that works out as only 29,747.5 days! Eeek!

Say you spend 5 seconds a day tying and another 5 seconds a day untying your laces.

That works out as a massive 3 Days, 10 Hour, 37 Minutes, 55 Seconds just putting your shoes on and off...

We say "Make life easier one step at a time". That starts at the very beginning just by putting your feet in your shoes. Life is too short to be wasting time when there are better things to do!

If you do need to tighten your laces you can see how it's done here >

Machine Washable

Yes it is true, many of our shoes are machine washable! Our canvas and fabric shoes can all be chucked in the washing machine for a freshen up.

Please note that if you put Leather and suede shoes in the washing machine as it will not turn out well.

To wash your canvas shoes simply remove the insoles and any badges and/or toggles if fitted on the shoe. Set on a cold wash and put in some washing powder, then you are good to go it is as easy as that!

Further instructions for shoes care and cleaning alternative materials can be found on our shoe care page

EVA All The Way

The final part is the patented blend of EVA rubber in the soles. The clever blend is able to offer a soft absorbing heel strike when walking, a lighter sole unit compared to traditional rubber blends, finally EVA can be folded, twisted and stretched it no ill fate to the shape of the shoe.

All these points combine to create versatile shoe that is ideal to be packed on your holidays, the weight will let you take more clothes or if you are a man allow your fine lady to take more clothes. the fold flat technology maintains space in your case to meet those pesky hand luggage sizes.