Recycle or Re-Insole

With the first sun making an appearance, you'll be looking to refresh your wardrobe not only with new shoes, but to rejuvenate your old favourites. At HEYDUDE Shoes, we give you exactly that option!

Are your old, loved HEYDUDE's becoming tatted and worn? Maybe the odd hole is starting to appear after wearing them into the ground. It may be hard to part with them, but send your old HEYDUDE's back to us and we'll recycle them for you. Here's the deal - you send back your worn pair of HEYDUDE's and we'll recycle them. In return you'll get a 20% discount code off a brand new pair to love and cherish. It's a win, win!

Or are your HEYDUDE's in need of a refresh? Always check the care label before washing them, but most of our shoes can be washed on a cool cycle to give your Dudes a new lease of life. Chuck out those worn insoles and grab yourself a fresh pair. If leather insoles aren't your thing, we've got vegan-friendly canvas insoles and natural cork insoles infused with natural coconut oil to give your shoes a refreshing scent and to help combat odour when wearing with or without socks.

I need to wash my canvas shoes